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As one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, new buildings are being built every day in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Whether you're getting ready to open a new business or move into your new home, Legacy Cleaning clears every last bit of dust, dirt, and debris.

Let us do the dirty work!


Clearing out debris is the cornerstone of any post construction cleaning. Removing garbage, scraps, and everything unsightly is the first step in ensuring that your space is ready for move in.


When you step onto a post construction site, you can feel the dust in the air. We use the latest in floor treating technology to deep clean hardwood, carpets, tiles, and more to give them that immaculate "move-in day" shine.


You should be proud of every corner of your new construction! That's why we make sure to touch every countertop, bathroom surface, and wall with the latest surface cleaning techniques.

windows, glass, and mirrors

Whether they're interior or exterior, your brand new windows and mirrors deserve the same treatment. We'll clean each and every one to ensure there's not a smudge left on them.


Whether it's the top of your light fixtures or underneath your door handles, no fixture goes untouched. We ensure that your post construction cleaning is thorough down to the smallest fixtures.

quality control

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services. That's why we'll perform rigorous quality control to ensure that your post construction cleaning meets those standard.

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Moving into your new home should represent a new chapter in your life. Make the most of it with a sparkling clean, move in ready home.


Your office should be prepared for it's grand opening. We'll ensure that it meets the highest standard of cleanliness for everyone who works in it.

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