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Legacy Cleaning is the story of two life long friends, business partners, and Twin Cities natives.


Legacy Cleaning was founded in 2019 by two lifelong friends and business partners, Brian Comiskey and Ian King. Both Brian and Ian were born and raised in Saint Paul. At the root of their business backgrounds, they have always been passionate about finding ways to solve other people’s problems.

Both realized in their endeavors that a clean work space meant higher productivity and less stress. But at the end of the day, people simply do not have or do not want to take the time to clean. This is where Legacy Cleaning was born.

Legacy Cleaning is a commercial and janitorial cleaning and service company. Legacy Cleaning understands that you, the business owner or office manager have more things to worry about other than keeping your space clean. Legacy Cleaning and the team of professionals proudly serve the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area and are proud to be a locally owned and operated business.

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