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Legacy Cleaning was founded in 2019 by two lifelong friends and business partners, Brian Comiskey and Ian King. Both Brian and Ian were born and raised in Saint Paul. At the root of their business backgrounds, they have always been passionate about finding ways to solve other people’s problems. This is where Legacy Cleaning was born.

Legacy Cleaning is a commercial and janitorial cleaning and service company. Legacy Cleaning understands that you, the facilities manager or property manager have more things to worry about other than keeping your space clean. Legacy Cleaning and the team of professionals proudly serve the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area and Mankato and are proud to be a Minnesota home-grown business.

our Roadmap to Success

We make sure every aspect of maintaining your facility is covered.
Here's how we do it.

Detailed Walkthrough

We want to make sure we get off on the right foot when it comes to providing janitorial services for your facility. This all starts with a detailed walkthrough of your space to ensure we are all on the same page from the beginning on cleaning services for your building.

Scope of Work

We work directly with you and your team to build out a daily scope of work that encompasses everything need to complete the job within your facility. Our team then works off of this scope of work as a daily checklist.


We take our janitorial inspections seriously. There are five different categories when it comes to when we perform our inspections: Maintenance, New Team Member or Facility, Fill-In Team, Feedback.


Our janitorial technicians and supervisors utilize a number of pieces of technology in order to ensure your facility is getting the attention it deserves. Our technology platforms have the capabilities to perform inspections, order supplies, and making sure our team members are where they are supposed to be.


Our team is just one email, text, or phone call away for anything you are your team needs when it comes to janitorial services for your facility. You have a direct line to any of us at any time.

Floor Care

Janitorial services isn't just about the nightly cleaning we do for your facility, it also means maintaining the high traffic flooring in your facility. Our flooring technicians are experts when it comes to tile, ceramic, concrete, LVP flooring maintenance.

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