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We want your tables and counters to glow. That's why we use the latest in sanitation chemicals and methods to disinfect and clean your surfaces.

Points of contact

Staying ahead of your cleaning services is always better than playing catch up. That's why we'll touch up frequent points of contact on a regular basis to limit the spread of filth and disease.

Floor services

High foot traffic businesses, like banks and retail, need a lot of care! We'll work with you to build the perfect plan to take care of your floors. From hard wood to carpet: we do it all.

window & glass

We offer both interior and exterior window washing for low rise buildings. No job is too small!


Whether in a private or a public location, bathrooms can be a mess. We'll service your bathroom using the latest, most effective treatment methods to ensure that your porcelain always shines.


We want to protect the health of you and your constituents. We'll service your kitchen daily to ensure that it lives up to our top notch standard of cleanliness.

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who we service

post construction

You may have put up the last drywall and installed your last light fixture, but your space isn't ready to open. We'll make sure that your space is in immaculate condition for your new tenants, business, or employees.


Fighting filth is what we do, and we do it to keep your employees safe. Armed with the latest technology and cutting edge cleaning methods, your space has never been cleaner.

retail locations

In a retail setting, customer experience is critical. The way a space feels and looks can make a world of difference. We'll help you provide your customers with a remarkable experience in an exceptionally clean space.


We understand the high foot traffic needs of a bank. We'll work with you to create a cleaning regiment that fits the needs of you and your depositors.

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